Fräulein are Joni Samuels (vocals, guitar) and Karsten van der Tol (drums). The now London-based duo formed in Bristol in 2018, through a shared love of alternative music and cornershop whiskey. They have spent the subsequent years garnering a reputation as a ferocious live act; performing everywhere from their native West country to some of London’s most iconic modern venues (The Windmill, Old Blue Last). Although they have not yet released any official material, the band have already received press coverage in several music publications for their homemade demos; such as DIY, CLUNK and Get In Her Ears.

Watch us perform our song 'Narcissi', live for Livewired at the Electric Brewery in Bath, UK. 


This was our last performance before lockdown, recorded 7th March, 2020.

"...the rough-around-the-edges nature of the recording ... only adds to its brooding, slow-building atmosphere. Excellent stuff." (Emma Swann)

"This track is subtle, it’s a storm on the horizon, a gathering force which of itself harks back to the best of ’90s grunge..."
(Sarah Lay)

"The debut from the band is a much anticipated one and does not disappoint. We’re excited to see what Fräulein produce when the world returns to “normality“." (Kieran Webber)

"A new favourite for sure, in ‘normal’ times, I’d be booking Fräulein for a gig with us at The Finsbury as soon as possible..."
(Mari Lane)


General Manager:

Jack Johnstone Orr
07913 246276


Press & Bookings:
Joolz Raaken
07561 068044

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